Automatic Body by Nutrie Review – Two Things In One

Automatic Body LogoAutomatic Body by Nutrie is two things in one go. Firstly, it is a weight loss program that helps people to not just lose weight, but to keep it off at the same time. Secondly, it is a network marketing opportunity that allows people to make money through a legitimate business opportunity. For many people, the idea is that they lose weight through the program themselves, and can then work on building a business opportunity naturally by using themselves as an example. But does it really work? And is the business option a good one?

Before you embark on either of these ventures, it is very important to understand just what you can expect. This Automatic Body review of both the product and the business opportunity aims to do just that.

About Nutrie

Nutrie’s headquarters are in Scottsdale, Arizona. All of their products are produced in the United States and they undergo very stringent quality controls. They always strive to keep everything simple, meaning that you have the greatest success in whatever you try to do – be that lose weight or start your own business.

Automatic Body by Nutrie – the Diet Product

Automatic Body is dedicated to breaking the mold and challenging the status quo. They want to move away from the grueling boot camps and starvation diets. According to them, this may help you to lose some weight, but it is far more likely that you will be one of the 80% of people that relapses from one of those weight loss programs within the first two years. Instead, Automatic Body suggests you make a single weekly change, thereby gradually changing your life.

There are three products that will help you lose weight.

  1. Firstly, there is the Skinne energy drink, which is designed to burn fat.
  2. Then, there is the Fuel, which is full of vitamins, protein, fibers and other nutrients. You can drink this at any time during the day, replacing bad fats and carbohydrates.
  3. Lastly, there is Energe, which gives you the energy you would expect from 84 spoons full of sugar.

Automatic Body Products

Automatic Body by Nutrie – The Business Opportunity

The idea behind the business opportunity is to sell the three above products to the market, as well as finding others who are achieving success with the products who then will wish to sell these products under your sponsorship. This is the same basic concept that is applied in all network marketing opportunities. It will be your responsibility to find a steady flow of clients and leads, applying a variety of marketing techniques, including blogging and social networking sites amongst many other forms of marketing.

Automatic Body by Nutrie – What You Get

Automatic Body Products

There are four possible packs that you can purchase. The intro pack is designed to help you move away from the sidelines and get started in the world of networking marketing and losing weight. Then, there is the primer pack, which will help you to start really shaping your body. The next pack is the pro pack, made to help you build a really sexy body that allows you to feel confident in yourself again. The last pack is the peak pack, which will really help you to create the best you there possibly is.

When you sign up for the program, you will receive great information in terms of presentation DVDs, online webinars, professional online videos, iPhone presentation, teleconferences and more. Also, if you will get your own product for free every time you purchase a pack. If your customers refer three people, they receive their own product for free. This means that they will be far more dedicated to selling on the business idea themselves, meaning you will have greater earnings.

The compensation plan works on different levels. There are start bonuses and advancement bonuses, matching bonuses, mortgage bonuses and car bonuses. All of these are designed to attract you, but also to help you attract others.

Automatic Body by Nurtie – What We Like

We like the fact that this product is something that people really want. After all, trying to lose weight is something that is on many people’s minds at all times.

The weight loss industry is a huge industry, so being able to get into it at even a small capacity can be extremely profitable. Annually, some $60 billion is spent on weight loss products, which demonstrates the demand is certainly out there. If you were every going to try to get your foot in the door somewhere, the weight loss industry should be the one. Furthermore, because Nutrie offers a simple, no quibbles money-back guarantee, you – and your customers – have nothing to lose.

The products are extremely easy to use as well as tasty, and there are numerous reports of people who have been able to achieve great results. In fact, Nutrie themselves regularly showcase before and after pictures, which you can use to promote your own business opportunity as well.

We also like that Nutrie delivers what it promises: something simple. There is no need for complicated recipe books, long lists of diets and timing what you eat and when. Instead, there are three drinks that you can use throughout the day in order to help you lose weight. This is far easier than having to learn the contents of each item of food you consume to understand just how much fat, calories, carbohydrates, salts and sugars you are consuming.

Automatic BodyWe love the ethics of the company as well. Because all the products are made right here, you will be supporting local economies, rather than importing products that could have created jobs in this country. Also, it means that the products are all stringently tested and have to meet very high standards set not just by the company itself, but also by our own federal government.

The compensation system is very easy to understand and very easy to follow, and you don’t need to have a large team in order to start seeing results, and receiving your own products for free. This is what sets the system apart from everybody else. After all, with many networking marketing opportunities, you won’t start to see any interesting results until you have a significant team working underneath you.

Last but not least, we love the fact that in terms of your business opportunity, you can use yourself as an example. You can show your own before and after pictures, demonstrating that the product really works, discussing your personal stories. You could, for instance, organize events for your own team where success stories can be shared. This has been proven to be extremely effective with other programs in the past.

Nutrie Transformations

Automatic Body by Nutrie – What We Don’t Like

As the business opportunity is quite new, we don’t know how well it is going to perform over time. Similarly, the product has been used successfully, but not yet by many people. However, everybody deserves a place to start and Nutrie does seem to have all the building blocks of a successful network marketing company and a successful product. So as far as dislikes go, this is a pretty small one and one that all upstarts have to go through.

Automatic Body by Nutrie – Pricing

In order to get started with Automatic Body, there is a start-up fee of $199, which gets you the Skinne. However, as stated previously, if you refer three friends, you will get the product itself for free, which equates to a saving of $159. Because you will get this for three customers, your customer volume will actually be $477. You will receive 25% commission on this, which equates to $119.25. Hence, your initial investment of $199 can quickly become a commission of $278.25 in your own pocket.

This happens each and every month, so long as your three friends continue to get their product as well. As long as your 3 friends stay on autoship, you can earn $3,329 in a year, and that is just with three friends working under you. Naturally, any network marketing opportunity is about building bigger and better teams, and getting those underneath you to build their own teams as well. When it is shown that a team of three can earn you over $3,000 per year, it shows just how much you can make if you put a little bit of effort into creating far larger team.

Automatic Body by Nutrie – The Bottom Line

So, is this a product and opportunity to dive into or not? First of all, if you don’t believe in the product, you shouldn’t attempt the business opportunity either. That is why it is always best and recommended to be a consumer first and a business opportunity seeker second. We like the product and feel it has the potential to help a lot of people achieve their goals. Furthermore, because Nutrie has fantastic business ethics, we believe that promoting this product is certainly a good idea. The business opportunity is a good one as well, although you have to be realistic that making it in network marketing will always come down to your own abilities of selling a product and growing a network. If you feel confident that you have the skills to be a network marketer, we feel that this is a great opportunity. It is suitable both for those who have experience in network marketing and for those who are only just starting in this world. Give it a try, the money-back guarantee means you can get involved risk-free.

Bonus For Automatic Body

By now, there’s a good chance that you want to try Automatic Body by Nutrie for yourself.

But I’m I’m going to sweeten the pot.

If you register for this site, then visit the Recruiting Dashboard, you will see a link to order the product in Step 1 of the dashboard.

Go ahead, register and get your link to order (a new tab/browser will open, so this page won’t disappear).

My bonus is that I will help build your new Automatic Body business.

I realize that you may just want to try the product to lose weight and get fit, but don’t care about the business opportunity. If that’s the case, then let me help build your business on autopilot for you.

But if you do want to make some extra money, I not only help your business, but also give you the tools and training to grow it.