A Javita Coffee Review – Good Opportunity Or Not?

Javita LogoJavita Coffee is offering a home business opportunity that many people seem to be interested in. However, it is one in a long line of business opportunities and before launching into such a plan, you must know whether it is going to be worth your efforts. This independent Javita review aims to do just that, allowing you to make an informed decision on your next business opportunity.

About Javita Coffee

The head office for Javita is in Florida and is linked to Waiora. Waiora is a network marketing company that is extremely well-known and has been developing healthy aging products for a long time. The direct selling type of marketing used by Waiora became very popular and it led to some of the employees to branch out, creating Javita. The group that started it have over 100 years of direct selling experience between them, which is really impressive. The head of the company is Stanley J. Cherelstein, who is Waiora’s CEO as well. His experience also comes from Rexall Showcase International and Unicity, which goes to demonstrate just how good he is in his field.

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What We Like about Javita Coffee

Javita CoffeeThe fact that the leadership and management within the company are so respected is a very big pro for this business opportunity. However, as with any network marketing business, leadership and management is so far at the top that it is unlikely the average individual will ever have any dealings with them. Hence, it is important to look at other benefits as well.

One of the things we really like is that it works on the coffee industry, which has been a solid industry for a very long time. Furthermore, because Javita adds health to their coffee, it makes it more interesting than a pot of Nescafe from your local grocery store. And, it must be mentioned, the coffee they create is very tasty.

The coffee blend is known as “coffee evolved”. They have added blends and herbs as well as a range of other ingredients to their coffees. The coffee beans themselves come from South America and are 100% organic, which sets Javita apart from everybody else. The fact that they care about going green is a definite advantage over others.

The fact that everybody knows what coffee is does work as an advantage as well. In fact, coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world, after water. In terms of commodities, only oil is traded on more frequently than coffee. On average, 200 billion cups of coffee are made every day around the world. As such, Javita taps into a well-established industry.

Furthermore, as a seller, you could work on the health benefits that coffee has been proven to offer. Firstly, it increases your cognitive functions, giving you more clarity and power of mind. Secondly, caffeine allows you to perform better physically.

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What We Don’t Like about Javita Coffee

As stated previously, the fact that it operates within the coffee industry is a pro. On the other hand, because this industry is so solid, competition is also very stiff. People would look for their coffee in a regular supermarket or through a famed coffee house such as Starbucks, rather than a direct marketing opportunity. There are a number of other coffee network marketing opportunities out there that you must also compete with, including Gano Excel, Healthy Coffee, Organo Gold and Boresha Research. Each of these, like Javita, has their own compensation plan and model. It has been done before, in other words, but then again that can be said for many industries, after all most corners have multiple gas stations. It seems, therefore, that there is only one real drawback with Javita Coffee, and fortunately it is not a big one.

Javita RewardsThe Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is generally what attracts or pushes away potential new marketers. It is, obviously, based on selling coffee. The simplicity of this means there is no need for structures and you only need to focus on volume. As a Javita Independent Distributor, you can either be an immediate or a long-term distributor. Eight different income sources contain these two options. Distributors receive a 30% commission on a weekly basis, which is paid on their retail sales. There is also a “fast start bonus”, as well as a unilevel bonus. This pays 4% to the 14th level. However, these generally max out at seven levels. Then, there is Director’s and Manager’s bonuses, which are monthly payments based on flat percentages from the monthly revenue of the company.

Joining The Javita Business Opportunity

There are three options when starting a Javita business. Firstly, you can get started by paying just $99 for a starter pack, which would be perfect for the person casually trying things out. For those looking for a more serious business opportunity, you can take a step up to the Business pack for a $499 fee which offers you a lot more incentives as well as makes you eligible to win a BMW Car Bonus.

For those that want to position themselves in the best position for a winning business Javita now offers an Elite pack at $999, and while this may not be ideal for some, it offers you the greatest opportunity with the business. Additionally, there is a monthly autoship for Javita, which costs $70 a month. The amount of samples you receive, directly correlates with the level at which you joined. Within the package, you will receive an initial distributor kit. This gives you all the tools and resources that you need to begin your business. You are only eligible for the Matching Bonus and the Rank Advancement’s if you opt for one of the Business packs.

Javita Business Opportunity Price

In order to build your business, you need to sell the product and you will also need to try and recruit other people into your business opportunity, encouraging them to do the same. This is often the hardest part for many, but you will receive training for that. The reality is that you need to find a way to introduce the coffee and the opportunity in such a way that you can reach as many people as possible.

Javita also has a strong website that you can link to and build upon when you sign up for the opportunity. When first starting up, Javita used social media to launch their first campaign, and Javita continues to use this tool in order to sell the product and the opportunity itself, and you will find out how to use it yourself as well. As a distributor, you need to find a way to build relationships with others and brand yourself to the world. Otherwise, marketing your business will be guaranteed to fail. Therefore, it is important that you align yourself with the right resources that have some knowledge about lead generation and attraction marketing, so that you can better position yourself to get in front of as many people as possible to showcase your business opportunity.

Naturally, Javita will provide you with training on personal development, marketing strategies and team-building. However, it is likely that this will focus mainly on attracting your direct friends and families, rather than going outside of this and finding real prospects, that is where sponsor and team selection is of utmost importance.

If you do want to give Javita a go, you must be confident in your own leadership and abilities to learn and grow. Their leadership has a really good track record, so that is certainly an area to look at for inspiration. You can be incredibly successful if you are able to find prospects and do this regularly.

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Should You Invest in a Javita Coffee Opportunity?

There are many reasons to give Javita a try. It cannot be denied that network marketing is a hugely effective way to ensure products get to the end costumer quickly. Plus, when you are the distributor, both you and the company win.

Javita first gained popularity by using viral marketing and social media. The campaign was known as “reserve your cup”, which is what people were presented with before the launch of the business opportunity. It was a hugely successful campaign and in only its first days, thousands of people signed up. This was in part because it was free to sign up when the company first started.

Because Javita is part of the larger Waiora company, joining at pre-launch was bound to be successful. After all, this was not a company that was going to go down quickly, as they already had a lot of experience. Because it is still relatively new, however, it is hard to determine whether it will truly be successful in the long run, but by the same token, getting in early is always a boost and there are many reasons to join besides just the opportunity as seen in the image below.

Reasons For Javita

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The Bottom Line

The reality is that there are no guarantees in life, regardless of the business opportunity. Being successful in Javita depends entirely on your own desire and will to succeed as well as your sponsor or team’s ability to train on attracting new prospects to your business. The product is very good – as well as being tasty – and the method has been tried and tested. It is about being very realistic about what you can and can’t do, ensuring that you understand the risks and potential benefits. All in all, it is one to try.

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